Staying in Utah (for now)

So, I got the call from CalArts regarding the job that I went out there to interview for.  After calling all of my references it sounded like they had narrowed down their search to two candidates, myself and one other person.  When they called this morning I was in our bi-annual “State of the Theatre” meeting.  We are in OK shape, and our artistic director has announced his retirement for the end of next season.

That being said, I called back CalArts and they told me that I was their second choice.  They made their offer to the other person.  Of course if the other person doesn’t take the offer or doesn’t work out, I am the next on the list.  They really liked me, but they felt the other person edged me out.  They said I am on their short list, and that they hope to maintain a relationship with me.

Thankfully for me I am not broken up about this, I am in a job that I enjoy and I am happy here.  I also later found out (from our family friend who is on the board of trustees at CalArts) that the main reason they didn’t offer me the job was my lack of formal educational experience (teaching experience).  That is a good thing to know, and it was something I was concerned about.

So, there it is.  At least for now I will still be at PTC in SLC, so come see our shows!






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